As Esnan Dental Health and Oral Care Centers, we take pride in serving Istanbul, Turkiye, and the whole world with our branches located in key points of Istanbul.

As we strive to become a brand in oral and dental health, we rapidly progress towards our goal of providing quality service and being a leading institution. We closely follow the advancements in technology and apply the latest practices and approaches in oral and dental health to ensure the satisfaction of our patients.

At our Esnan Dental Health and Oral Care Centers, in addition to units specialized in oral diagnosis and radiology (initial examination and X-rays), maxillofacial surgery, implantology, orthodontics (braces treatment), conservative dental treatment (fillings), endodontics (root canal treatment), pedodontics (children’s oral and dental health), and periodontology (gum treatment), we also have general anesthesia operating rooms. This allows us to provide solutions to all dental problems that may arise.

Our slogan is “Keep Smiling”, our aim is early diagnosis, our motto is providing service, our responsibility is raising awareness, our standard is high technology and maximum hygiene, and our goal is satisfaction and our expectation is bringing smiles.

As Esnan Dental Health and Oral Care Centers, we continuously renew ourselves every day to provide healthier services with our expert dental team, experienced staff, and friendly employees.

General Anesthesia and Sedation Applications

In dentistry, “general anesthesia, which involves complete loss of consciousness, and sedation, which involves calming the patient while they are conscious,” have been used for many years. Almost all procedures that are typically done under local anesthesia can be performed also under general anesthesia or sedation. However, for these methods to be conducted in a hospital environment, the institution must have suitable conditions.

Esnan Dental Health and Oral Care Center is able to provide services to patients using general anesthesia and sedation due to its inclusion of a specialist general anesthesia doctor, anesthesia technician, and health nurse within its structure.

Advantages of General Anesthesia and Sedation

General anesthesia and sedation can address the condition known as “Dental phobia” , “Dentophobia” or “Fear of Dentists”, which often leads dental patients to postpone necessary treatments. Not only for this condition, but it can also be a suitable method for patient groups who have difficulty adapting and cooperating, such as children, individuals with autism, and Alzheimer’s patients.

Patients who are eligible for general anesthesia or sedation based on their health condition can receive this service in the general anesthesia operating rooms at Esnan Dental Health and Oral Care Centers after undergoing the necessary examinations.

Esnan Dental Operating Room

Esnan Dental Health and Oral Care Centers’ operating rooms provide surgical interventions for all oral and dental health issues, including procedures like dental implants. They offer services to patients not only in Istanbul but also throughout Turkiye and to health tourists in accordance with international standards.

All operations in the Esnan Dental Health and Oral Care Centers’ operating rooms are conducted with meticulous attention to hygiene as they adhere to gold standards in terms of sterilization, including HEPA filters, packaged sterilization sets, and three-zone operating room rules.

At Esnan Dental Health and Oral Care Centers, we closely follow the advancements in technology and provide solutions to all potential problems related to our patients’ oral and dental health.

We take pride in offering the most suitable surgical and general anesthesia environment for our valued patients and their loved ones, which is regularly accredited by authorized institutions.

Eğer İstanbul'da diş ameliyathanesi arıyorsanız, Türkiye'de en iyi diş kliniği hizmetini veren Esnan Ağız ve Diş Sağlığı Merkezi, sizleri bekliyor.

Health Tourism Opportunities

For our patients coming from abroad, we provide airport pick-up and drop-off services, auxiliary services during the treatment period.

Esnan’s Nearest Dental Hospital

As Esnan Dental Health and Oral Care Center, we opened our first branch in Sultangazi in 2007, our second branch in Esenler in 2009, our third branch in Beylikdüzü in 2012, and our fourth branch in Topkapı – Cevizlibağ in 2015. Coming soon, we are opening our fifth branch, Skyland Istanbul Esnan Dental Health and Oral Care Center.

Our Mission

To provide high-quality healthcare services to patients from all segments of society, to create job opportunities in oral and dental health, and to ensure the continuous development and happy work environment of our team members.

Our Vision

To be a healthcare institution recognized on an international scale by providing healthcare services in line with world standards, being a pioneer in innovations, and serving as a role model for other healthcare organizations.

Our Values

To prioritize patient health, to respect patient rights, to adhere to ethical principles, to be sensitive to the community and the environment, to be a socially responsible institution, to demonstrate measurable and evaluatable management.