Tooth Gem Attachment

In recent years, those who desire aesthetic appeal and sparkle in their smiles have started opting for tooth gems, also known as tooth crystals. Tooth gems have become popular due to their ability to create a difference on the tooth surface and in a person’s smile.

Tooth crystals, or tooth gems, are not easily detached from the tooth surface and can be easily reattached if they fall off. This makes them an advantageous aesthetic dentistry procedure that can be applied at any age.

Tooth crystals of different sizes and shapes can enhance the radiance of your smile. They are easy to use as they do not cause any damage to the tooth surface or pose any risk to oral health.

Who Can Get Tooth Crystals?

Tooth crystals, which fall into the aesthetic and cosmetic realm of dentistry, can be easily applied to desired teeth at any age. Tooth gems, which almost everyone can have, should be applied by expert dentists.

Before applying tooth crystals, the person’s oral and dental health should be established. Tooth crystals will look more beautiful in mouths with perfectly white teeth. Therefore, the first step is to remove dental plaque, treat any tooth decay, and perform teeth whitening if necessary. Anyone with good oral hygiene and proper tooth alignment can get tooth crystals.

How Are Tooth Crystals Applied?

Before attaching the gem to the tooth, the tooth surface is first cleaned of any tartar or stains. The tooth to which the gem will be attached is isolated from surrounding tissues using cotton to prevent saliva from interfering, and the procedure is carried out.

Special adhesives called composite bonding are used at this stage. When the tooth diamond needs to be removed, the tooth is protected from any damage through a polishing procedure after the removal.

Do Tooth Crystals Cause Any Harm to Teeth?

Tooth crystal application is a harmless procedure. The only potential harm is if they break and pose a risk of being swallowed when consuming extremely hard foods. Tooth crystal applications do not require special care and can be maintained with regular oral hygiene. It is important that no one other than an expert dentist intervene in tooth crystal applications. The tooth gem attached by a dentist will be more reliable and can be used safely.

How Long Does Tooth Crystal Application Take?

Tooth crystal application is a relatively short procedure. After a 15-20 minute session of filing and attaching, you can easily continue with your daily life. The duration of tooth crystal application varies depending on the number of diamonds to be attached to the tooth surface. Dentists will provide you with information about the duration of tooth crystal treatment.