Empress Veneer

Empress veneers in Istanbul are a highly regarded solution in the field of aesthetic dentistry, offering a remarkably natural-looking smile transformation. These veneers are meticulously crafted from a specialized type of pressed ceramic that excels in replicating the translucency, color variations, and subtle nuances of natural teeth.  To achieve an ideal fit, Empress veneers are applied exclusively to the front surface of the teeth, preserving as much of your original tooth structure as possible.  Their lifelike appearance is further enhanced by their ability to interact with light in a manner remarkably similar to your natural tooth enamel. This blend of artistry and advanced materials is what makes Empress veneers a preferred choice for those seeking a beautiful and long-lasting enhancement to their smile.

Empress veneers are produced using Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology. In this method, your dentist takes measurements of your teeth and creates a digital model for the porcelain veneers using computer software. The digital model is then precisely processed on a specially designed porcelain block and ultimately fixed in place. This ensures that the veneers perfectly match the shape and size of your teeth.

Advantages of Empress Veneers

Empress veneers offer a multitude of advantages that make them a popular choice in cosmetic dentistry. They are renowned for their exceptional aesthetics, mimicking the natural translucency and subtle color variations of real teeth. Impress veneers are also incredibly durable, withstanding daily wear and tear while maintaining their beautiful appearance. Due to their stain-resistant properties, you can enjoy your favorite foods and drinks without worrying about discoloration. With proper care, Empress Veneers in Istanbul can provide a stunning smile transformation that lasts for many years.

Provides an Aesthetic Appearance

Empress veneers stand out due to their uncanny ability to replicate the appearance of natural teeth in both color and the way they interact with light. The specialized ceramic material used in their construction possesses a translucency that closely mirrors that of your tooth enamel.

This allows light to pass through subtly, creating the same depth and nuanced color variations you would find in a healthy, natural smile. Additionally, your dentist will work meticulously to select a shade of ceramic that seamlessly blends with your surrounding teeth.  This combination of lifelike translucency and precise color matching delivers an incredibly natural, aesthetically pleasing smile that appears both authentic and beautiful.


Empress veneers are renowned for their strength and longevity.  Crafted from a robust pressed ceramic, they possess impressive resistance to chipping, cracking, and everyday wear and tear.  Once bonded to your teeth, they provide reliable support and functionality, allowing you to bite, chew, and speak with confidence.  With proper care and maintenance, Empress veneers can deliver a beautiful and resilient smile for many years to come, seamlessly integrating into your daily life without worry.

Provides Color Stability

One of the significant advantages of Empress veneers is their exceptional color stability. The high-quality porcelain used in their fabrication is highly resistant to staining from coffee, tea, wine, and other common culprits of tooth discoloration. This means your newly enhanced smile will maintain its beautiful shade and brightness well into the future. Unlike some natural teeth that may yellow or darken with age, Empress veneers help you preserve a consistently white and radiant smile you can be proud of.

Provides a Precise Fit

The integration of CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) technology plays a crucial role in the success of Empress Veneers in Turkey. Your dentist will take precise digital measurements of your prepared teeth, crafting a 3D model used to fabricate your veneers. This advanced technology ensures that the final porcelain veneer boasts a flawless fit, aligning perfectly with the contours of your tooth. The result is a comfortable, natural-feeling restoration that blends effortlessly with your smile.

Stages of Empress Veneer Application

The application of Empress veneers generally involves two stages. In the first stage, your dentist evaluates your teeth, takes measurements, and creates a digital model. This information is then sent to the laboratory to produce the custom-made porcelain veneers. In the second stage, the veneers are placed on your teeth and adjusted for a precise fit.

Empress veneers in Turkey are long-lasting, but it is important to maintain regular oral hygiene and care. Your dentist will provide you with proper care instructions. Additionally, attending regular dental check-ups is important to preserve the health and durability of your veneers.

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