Aesthetic Dental Treatments

The aim of aesthetic dental treatment is to ensure that teeth appear healthy, natural, aesthetic, and beautiful without causing any functional loss. Within this scope, the treatment is performed for teeth with gaps, decay, misalignment, fractures, and shape, tissue, and form irregularities.

Various specialties in dentistry, such as Orthodontics, Periodontics, Implantology, Prosthetic Treatments, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, are utilized for aesthetic dental treatments. These treatments can range from white fillings, porcelain fillings, teeth whitening methods, laser technology, and laminate applications, drawing on expertise from various fields of dentistry.

Applications in Aesthetic Dental Treatments

  • Empress Veneer 
  • Laminate Veneer
  • Hollywood Smile
  • Monolithic Zirconia
  • Zirconium Coating
  • Metal-Ceramic Crown

Empress Veneer

Empress veneers are porcelain types that are reinforced by placing ceramic on a glass ceramic piece without the use of any metal material, which increases their durability. They are composed of ceramic material.

Empress veneers are known for their excellent light transmission. They are widely used in prosthetic procedures. Empress veneers are often preferred in aesthetic treatments due to their durability and successful results. They also yield successful results in patients with issues in their front teeth.

Other dental treatments where Empress veneers are used include age-related discoloration, root canal-treated teeth, and individuals with gaps between their teeth.

Laminate Veneer

Laminate veneer is the most preferred treatment method for smile design. With this treatment, it is possible to correct gaps, discoloration, wear, and even misalignment between your teeth.

Veneers are thin porcelain shells that are as thin as a fingernail. The porcelain veneers are bonded to the teeth after the front surfaces of the teeth are minimally roughened.

Hollywood Smile

In this visual era, everyone desires to have a more aesthetic smile. Hollywood Smile is the brand name for an aesthetic smile design that allows you to have a smile similar to Hollywood stars.

Hollywood Smile involves cosmetic procedures aimed at achieving the perfect shape, color, and size of the teeth. The most common cosmetic procedure involves the use of porcelain veneers designed to cover the surface of your teeth.

Monolithic Zirconium

Monolithic zirconium is a type of veneer that is applied on zirconium without the use of porcelain. The new generation of monolithic zirconium treatment offers an aesthetic appearance and very high fracture resistance, making it a popular choice today.

Unlike traditional zirconium veneer methods, monolithic zirconium is applied on zirconium without the addition of porcelain. By coloring and dressing the zirconia, highly aesthetic and fracture-resistant crowns are achieved.

Treatments performed with monolithic zirconia are completed in a much shorter time compared to alternative methods. Monolithic zirconia coatings are recommended in the following cases:

  • For individuals with limited time for treatment,
  • For individuals with fractures and wear problems in their front teeth,
  • For individuals with tooth damage due to teeth grinding,
  • For individuals with tooth and gum discoloration,
  • For cases that require a highly durable veneer,
  • For individuals who have difficulty biting food and experience tooth sensitivity,
  • For individuals with severe tooth sensitivity issues.

Zirconium Crown

In this system, the zirconium alloy that has a white color is used as a base instead of metal. Although many things affect the appearance of crowns, the most important thing is their reaction to light. Natural teeth transmit light. As a result, depth and vitality occur in the tooth. Due to their light-transmitting properties, metal-free porcelain crowns (Empress-Zirconium) have a greater depth and vitality.

Zirconium or Empress crowns can be made in cases where there is no tooth loss, excessive damage, or when the laminate crown approach may be insufficient. However, in cases of tooth loss, only zirconium crowns should be preferred.

Metal-Ceramic Crown

Metal-ceramic crown is a type of dental prosthesis recommended for restoring damaged and tissue loss-related dental conditions. It is applied with the purpose of saving teeth.

Metal-ceramic crown can be thought of as protective shell that is attached to the refined tooth. This allows the tooth to regain its natural shape and functionality. The inner part of this crown is made of metal, while the part visible in the mouth is covered with ceramic in the color of the tooth.

The metal substructure provides support to the ceramic on the outer part, but it remains invisible in the mouth. The ceramic is applied layer by layer by a dental technician, resulting in a very natural and aesthetic outcome.